Does the customer has to pay for your travel to his site within Wrocław city limits?

No, travel to customer’s place within Wrocław city limits is free and this payment is not hidden in service price.

Do you have any service or reception point for computers or other hardware you are fixing?

No, we handle all problems on customer’s site or remotely in case when such remote support is possible.

Why you don’t have any service or reception point for computers you are fixing? All IT specialists I know, have such place.

We are working together as a team and we provide whole range of IT services, from simple, one-time tasks to regular IT outsourcing for companies. Most problems we solve at customer’s site or remotely. That’s we have no dedicated service point.

Additionally, many IT problems cannot be solved outside customer’s site or network – especially problems with network printers, Internet access and network problems.

Because we don’t have any service point, there is no rent or other costs hidden in prices of our services.

Is solving of IT problems really possible remote way? Car mechanic cannot fix my car remote way…

The key to solve most of IT problems is reviewing the problem by IT specialist on computer screen and then making necessary changes with keyboard and mouse to solve the problem.

Because there are at least few solutions to control computer remotely on Internet so solving IT problems remotely is also possible.

We use only safe and legal remote access solutions.  The whole process of controlling customer’s computer remotely is made with the knowledge and consent of the customer.

Do you need to hack into my computer to help me remotely?

No. We provide our remote assistance with well known in the world remote support tools like Team Viewer. Getting access to customer’s computer is possible with little help with the knowledge and consent of the customer. During phone call we ask customer to make some simple tasks which not require any IT knowledge and which are such simple as using other office applications.

We receive this remote access only for limited time, required to solve the problem. Customer can see our actions and can cancel this support session any time.

If I’ll contact this SysMedic.pl specialist who operates closer to my place, will your service be cheaper?

No. As we mentioned earlier, travel to customer’s place within Wrocław city limits is free and there is no hidden cost of such travel in the price of the our service. Every customer within Wrocław city limits can benefit from our affordable prices.

All support requests are realized FIFO way and there is possibility that our travel to particular customer will be short because we could it start next task just after finishing earlier request from another customer nearby.

Are you typical IT specialists? Do you speak strange IT language and live in your own world?

No. We do our best to explain to customer what are we plan do with his computer, server or computer network and what will be the effects of our work. We understand how important is interpersonal communication.

This means that during our service we try to speak „human language” instead of IT one and describe the source of the problem, what idea we have to solve this problem etc.

In another words, we provide also good customer contact.

Can you overclock my computer? I’ve read some forums and my graphic card X could be overclocked up to Y MHz a my favorite game Z will run faster…

No. We do not overclock hardware, especially we do exceed parameters proposed by manufacturer. We do not provide such services because of safety and guarantee reasons. Even if particular overclocking would be successful from technical point of view, it could shorten hardware life or cause serious failure. It could also lower hardware stability of operations or guarantee loss. We do not also make any hardware modifications like installing five fans where manufacturer designed only one etc.

Of course we advise which component to buy to expand the capabilities of the equipment and we also help with installation and configuration.

Does the price of IT service depend on some financial customer rating? I’ve heard that a lot of technicians do this – wealthier customers get higher price because they could pay higher price…

No, no and one more time – no!

Our price list contains only approximate prices and final price is calculated after reviewing the situation by our specialist before IT service is made but this is done for another reason.

Every customer has different expectations regarding required IT services. Every IT system or network is the different case. Each company has its own computer equipment of different ages, has different specifics of work or another level of IT knowledge of employees.

This means totally different workload at each customer so the price for our services is also different. That’s why there is no unified pricing on all services – the same service names could mean totally different workload depending on customer.

What determines the amount of monthly fee for IT support?

The amount of monthly fee for long term IT support is calculated individually for each customer and depends on many different factors.

We take in consideration the estimated workload of IT tasks for particular customer, complexity of it’s IT infrastructure and range of IT support. We also try to estimate number of failures in a month, we count the computers in the company and how many headquarters the company has. Very important is also estimated reaction time and possibility to solve problems remote way.

Are you a part of some informal Wrocław IT lobby? Do you cooperate with your cooperation with competitors or set prices with them or do you share customers details with your competitors?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

(there could be no more 'no’ words in such official text)

We are independent team, we are not participating in any price fixing, we work alone and not cooperate with our competition. Sometimes we do not know them at all.

We have our fair rules of cooperation with our customers, we do not copy competition’s business rules.

We do not share any customer’s information with competitors  or anyone else!