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programowanie komputerowe


The key to solving most IT problems is for an IT specialist to view the IT problem on a computer screen and make appropriate changes using the mouse and keyboard to solve the problem. Because nowadays, in the era of fast Internet, there are at least several solutions to be able to remotely watch the screen of another computer or control its mouse and keyboard via the Internet, therefore it becomes possible to provide IT support remotely.

We help our clients remotely every day using well-known and reputable software for remote assistance and remote presentation –TeamViewer.

Important! To start a Remote Assistance session, please contact one of the individuals listed below by phone, messenger or email to let us know that you wish to receive Remote Assistance.

If you have a computer with an operating system other than Windows (e.g. Mac or Linux), please contact us! TeamViewer is also available for other platforms - you will learn from us how to run it on your equipment.

After downloading and running the program on your computer, give the selected IT specialist ID and password, which will be shown by the TeamViewer program.

You can also add your request to the person's service request queue by clicking the blue button with the TeamViewer logo and the person's name. If you do this, you don't have to give the IT specialist your ID and password - what's more, you can "sign up" for a remote support session in a few hours, for example. Just leave this TeamViewer running after adding such a request.

When implementing such a remote assistance process, it is often quite helpful to establish a conversation with an IT specialist. So if you are concerned about the cost of a phone call, ask us to call you back or use instant messaging. The TeamViewer program itself contains quite an effective messenger, allowing for audio, video and chat calls.

Why is it worth using our remote assistance:

  • in the vast majority of casesobtaining remote assistance is possible practically immediately within a few minuteswhile an on-site visit often requires an appointment, often at least a few hours from the time of notification. It will certainly be appreciated by people who want to solve the problem here and now (e.g. half an hour before an important meeting or presentation), and not wait for the arrival of an IT specialist,

  • remote assistance is cheaperthan provided in the traditional form with access to the customer's place,

  • remote assistance is possible over long distances– thanks to this, we can help effectively where it is difficult to find an effective IT specialist, where good IT support costs a lot, where there is a problem with the language barrier or where it is difficult to find an IT specialist at all. So if we have a problem with our computer somewhere on a foreign holiday or business trip, when we live in a small town (where it is sometimes difficult to find an effective specialist) or abroad, where IT assistance can be expensive compared to Polish price realities, using remote assistance is effective and cheap alternative - and sometimes the only solution...

  • if remote assistance concerns a private person,it does not require an IT specialist to visit your home. After all, such a visit can be uncomfortable for some reason: illness, "mess", awkward situation, fear of having a stranger at home, small children, etc. Unfortunately, computers do not choose the best moments for a failure in terms of an IT specialist's home visit, sometimes they choose the worst …

  • pused by usthe solution is safe, legal and the entire remote assistance process takes place only with the knowledge and consent of the client.


From the customer's point of view, it can sometimes be difficult to assess whether remote assistance will work or not in a given situation. Of course, this can always be clarified by contacting us. To simplify this assessment, below we present in the form of a table which examples of problems can almost certainly be solved using remote assistance, and which will rather require an on-site visit of an IT specialist.

Remote Assistance

browser infection

spam or other mail problem
little viral infection

a problem with a specific software

device driver problem

computer performance problem

On-site assistance

no internet access

need to reinstall the computer

the computer does not turn on

replacement or installation of a new router

replacing a hard drive or other computer component

major viral infection

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