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Servers - linux

For the client's needs, we will install and configure each currently used linux distribution and run the required services on it. Based on the experience and knowledge gained, we would like to point out the numerous benefits that you can achieve by using linux-based solutions in your company:

  • minimal cost of the system itself - in the case of most distributions, downloading the system from the network does not involve any costs,

  • no restrictions and no license costs - in the case of most services, there are no license restrictions on the number of users or workstations that can use a given solution in a company or institution. The limit is the technical capabilities of the hardware on which the system was launched, which, with the small hardware requirements of most distributions, is a limit that is difficult to cross,

  • great system capabilities - with this system, we can freely implement most of the server functionalities that are necessary in a small and medium-sized company - advanced and secure e-mail servers, anti-spam systems, web servers (dedicated to company websites, intranet portals, forums, etc.), servers DNS and DHCP, proxy servers, file servers, print servers, MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers, firewalls and routers and many others,

  • security - in the world of linux, viruses or trojans known on the Windows platform are an extremely rare phenomenon. In addition, the system itself, properly configured and secured, is generally considered a safe solution,

  • stability - properly configured and updated Linux systems are considered to be very stable solutions that "run for years" without any problems,

  • alternative desktop solutions - linux is not only server software, but also a great solution for a workstation. If we do not require specialized software using the Windows system, and we only need a web browser, e-mail, instant messenger, OpenOffice / LibreOffice office suite or remote work solution, we can use Linux conveniently and without major financial outlays, which will successfully implement all of the above functionalities. In addition, it is a safe solution, practically not infected by viruses or Trojans, and does not allow employees to freely install unwanted, "entertaining" and potentially harmful software.


To sum up - if you are looking for a solution that is effective, economical, and at the same time stable and secure, as well as providing full control over the working environment, then linux is the right choice. Using our services in the field of selection, implementation, installation and configuration as well as possible maintenance of the system will allow you to take full advantage of the advantages of this system and at the same time reduce the costs of implementation.

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