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IT Outsourcing (IT)

The current economic situation forces many entrepreneurs or decision-makers in institutions to reduce costs. One of the areas where costs are minimized is the company's IT support.

Deciding to reduce IT costs can be quite a difficult decision for management because:

  • on the one hand, when any component of the IT system starts to malfunction, the help of an IT specialist becomes necessary, and usually immediately. Therefore, most companies or institutions decide to pay an IT specialist to ensure its continuous availability. However, in a situation where failures are sporadic, their removal does not fill the entire time of a full-time employee - so the entity incurs costs much higher than the costs of actual IT work,

  • on the other hand, resignation from the position of an IT specialist forces owners or directors to hand over the solution of all difficult IT situations to people who have partial, incomplete IT knowledge (sometimes quite random people) - which may result in ineffective actions, and in the worst case, an IT disaster may occur and destruction of the company (lack of professional knowledge may result, for example, in the deletion of strategic data and the inability to recover them).


The golden mean here is the support of a professional, settled according to the work actually performed. And that's what IT outsourcing, provided by SysMedic, means.

Our IT support, provided on the basis of IT outsourcing, will allow you to:

  • do not incur costs related to maintaining an IT job in the company,

  • receive professional IT help quickly in the event of a failure or unexpected problems,

  • receive comprehensive and ongoing IT care,

  • use our consulting services in the field of IT infrastructure development, purchase of hardware or software, application of security measures in your company, etc.,

  • implement the expected IT solutions effectively and efficiently.


When implementing IT outsourcing for companies, we use the following valuation methods:

  • flat-rate pricing - the rate negotiated with the client for the monthly period of IT support, depends on factors such as: labor intensity, response time, complexity of the IT infrastructure, the specific gravity of the task and the individual expectations of the client. Sample valuations range from PLN 500 net per month (a small company with 2-3 computers, response time up to 48 hours from successful notification) - PLN 2,900 net per month (a company with e.g. 30 - 40 computers or a response time up to 4 hours from effective notification on working days and holidays).

  • time pricing - from PLN 90 net per hour for works carried out remotely to PLN 160 net per hour in the case of works carried out remotely at the customer's premises in the city of Wrocław.


Feel free to contact us. After analyzing your needs, we will prepare a valuation for the provision of IT outsourcing services and make it even more attractive by negotiating the price.

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