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Zespół pracujący w pokoju systemowym

IT consulting

Presidents, directors or managers often face the dilemma of choosing an IT solution, verifying or accepting an offer for hardware or software, etc. They have to decide on a matter that they do not necessarily have to know about. Such decisions very often end with the choice of an offer that seems more attractive from a commercial or marketing point of view. This is because people choosing a contractor or a product do not really have the opportunity to evaluate the offer from the IT side.

Such choices do not always have to be technically correct or when it comes to the good of the client. A supplier selling a potentially worse solution may simply have a more effective, charismatic or more articulate salesperson. It can also be vice versa. A supplier selling a solution that is better in terms of IT will not break through the competition's offer because its salesperson had a bad day or the decision-maker did not like it.

Someone might say "the law of the market, the better one wins" but we computer scientists know that this is not always the case. Not always a commercial victory is also an IT success. After all, neither the ordering person nor the trader are IT specialists. So it happens that the commercially best offer wins. However, then it turns out that the program or hardware does not have this or that functionality that was needed. Perhaps the ordering party did not ask - because he did not know that there was something to ask. Or maybe the supplier's salesman didn't say that something couldn't be done because he didn't know... The final effect is that a given purchase turns out to be a miss. Sometimes it does not perform its function or does not perform it fully. The money invested simply did not pay off, it is a loss for the company and often a source of conflicts within the company or with the supplier.

All this can be avoided by using our help as advisors.We have been operating on the IT market for 20 years. We have already seen and implemented a lot, we are able to objectively and neutrally assess the usefulness of a given IT solution in a specific client's environment. We know the pros and cons of individual IT solutions, we know which solutions will work in which situation. Such knowledge or experience is often not available to a person immediately after graduation or just starting a career in the IT industry.

Consulting also has another important advantage. For a small cost associated with the consulting service, it allows you to avoid a larger, missed or ineffective expenditure or investment.

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