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Wojciech Kaczmarek
Maciej Urbaniak

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Who we are? is a well-coordinated and experienced team of IT specialists: Maciej Urbaniak and Wojciech Kaczmarek. We have been working together since 2010. We are ready to solve your IT problems - effectively.

We both run one-person IT companies in Wrocław: IT-Doc Maciej Urbaniak and Bok 11 Solutions Wojciech Kaczmarek, although in action we are effective as one company.

We have been cooperating for many years and have extensive experience in solving IT problems and supporting various IT solutions. One of the greatest advantages of our team is the fact that within there are two experienced IT specialists, representing completely different styles of work or approaches to the client, completely different from each other - although effective in each case. This means that customers, if they wish, can choose the person who seems to them to be more suitable due to the style of work to perform a given task.

IT services

How can we help?

We provide the following IT services for companies:

  • constant IT care and emergency assistance,

  • remote support via TeamViewer,

  • quick help in emergency situations,

  • configuration and optimization of computer networks,

  • computer troubleshooting,

  • installation and configuration of servers, routers, storage/NAS systems,

  • configuration of Internet access and remote work, VPN,

  • optimization of the IT infrastructure in the company,

  • advice on the selection of hardware and software,

  • IT consultations,

  • virus removal and computer cleaning,

  • implementation of cloud services,

  • development and optimization of IT solutions.

Why is it worth working with us?

  • We have real prices with no increase on weekends and holidays (services on such days are possible only after prior reservation and confirmation of the date),

  • we are as effective as the IT departments of large corporations, we have prices and flexibility for the client typical for small one-man companies,

  • we combine the competences of large IT departments and IT support with the ability to execute urgent orders,

  • we focus on the quality of the services provided, not the quantity,

  • working with the client and his IT systems on-site or remotely is our specialty, which distinguishes us from our competition, where IT assistance is often only an additional service, provided a little "by the way", while the main activity of such companies is the service of computers, telephones or consoles for games, provided in the contractor's workshop,

  • we guarantee reliability and honesty, we operate effectively, efficiently and professionally,

  • we understand the customer's needs and we know how to put ourselves in their situation, our primary goal is customer satisfaction,

  • we implement solutions that actually meet the customer's expectations and solve their problem, and not those that hardware or software manufacturers propose as the only right ones for commercial reasons,

  • we select solutions individually to the client's needs - we do not act in a template, each case is different, so the method should also be different.

Feel free to contact us, use our services and see that the above information is not only marketing, but also actual skills!

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Wojciech Kaczmare

Wojciech Kaczmarek

WhatsApp - Wojciech Kaczmarek
Messenger - Wojciech Kaczmarek
Skype - Wojciech Kaczmarek

Siostrzana 7
53-029 Wroclaw

Maciej Urbaniak

Maciej Urbaniak

WhatsApp - Maciej Urbaniak

Stoszowska 20
54-060 Wroclaw

Thank you for your interest in our offer!

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