Contact details

Here you can find the contact details of both one-person IT companies working together as

Our main contact e-mail address:


IT-Doc Maciej Urbaniak

Bok 11 Solutions Wojciech Kaczmarek

mobile: +48 600 469 323

mobile: +48 504 428 204

skype: it-doc_urbaniak

skype: corleth

GG: 844680

ul. Jerzego Bajana 69/15

54-129 Wrocław

ul. Siostrzana 7/5

​53-029 Wrocław

On the map presented below you can find our headquarters. Please remember that we do not charge you extra money for our service on site within Wrocław city limits.

Preferred contact hours to catch us on the phone are:
8am – 6pm on weekdays
10am – 2pm on Saturdays

Above you can find three phone numbers. Please contact selected person using his phone number. In case when this number will be busy, please contact another person.

Preferred contact hours mean that during these hours we provide highest availability and short request reaction time. Of course you are free to contact us outside these hours but in such situation we do not guarantee our availability on the phone.