IT outsourcing

Current economic situation forces many companies to reduce their costs. IT departments are one of such cost reduction areas.

Cost reduction decision in the IT area could be rather difficult one because:

  • on the one hand when any IT system component starts to fail, IT specialist support is required ASAP and it is simple priceless. Because of this fact most companies or institutions decide to pay for full-time employment of an IT specialist to provide his continuous presence in the office to react ASAP. But when IT infrastructure failures are rather occasional, it does not take does not take the whole employee work time to solve problems so the company pays higher cost of employing than the actual cost of solving IT problems,
  • on the another hand, resignation from full-time employment of an IT specialist forces company’s management to hand on IT support to persons who just want to help despite partial IT knowledge and practice and this results in ineffective IT operations which could bring more problems than solutions to the company.

Best approach with this issue is to hire outsourced IT specialist, who is payed according to actual the amount of work he or she made for the company.

And this is the best explanation of our IT outsourcing service, offered by

Our IT outsourcing service allows you to:

  • avoid the costs related to full-time employment of an IT specialist  in your company,
  • quickly receive professional IT support in case of any IT system failure,
  • receive current and complex IT support,
  • use our IT advisory services to help you expand your IT infrastructure, implement new solution and help your business to grow.

Feel free to contact us! We will analyse your needs, prepare our our IT outsourcing offer for you and we’ll make it even more attractive through the price negotiations.