About us

SysMedic.pl is the brand name, under which operates team of two experienced IT specialists since 2010.  SysMedic.pl team are: Maciej Urbaniak and Wojciech Kaczmarek. We are ready to solve your IT problems!

Both of us are running one-person IT companies in Wrocław: IT-Doc Maciej Urbaniak and Bok 11 Solutions Wojciech Kaczmarek but in action we are effective as one company.

We cooperate since many years and we have a lot of experience in the matter of IT problems solving and support of various IT solutions. The most popular of our services we offer under the brand name SysMedic.pl  is IT outsourcing for companies in Wrocław and surrounding areas.

Our selected IT services:

  • IT outsourcing for companies,
  • PC and laptop IT support,

  • server, router and storage systems installation and configuration,

  • configuration of Ethernet and WiFi networks,

  • configuration of  internet access and remote company access/VPN,

  • IT consulting in the matter of hardware, software and networks,

  • trojan, viruses and spyware removal,

  • IT optimization.

Why it is a good idea to cooperate with us?

  • our primary goal is the customer’s satisfaction,

  • we offer affordable, real prices,

  • we guarantee reliability and honesty,

  • we have effective and professional approach,

  • we understand the needs of the customer and we can put ourselves in his situation,

  • we implement solutions which really meet expectations of the customers and solve his problem without any suggestions or pressure from hardware and software manufacturers,

  • we choose individual solutions for our customers, every case is different so the approach should be different but effective in this particular case.